Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter in Southern California

Photo Credit by Bianca Alice

During most winters the seasons change and everything is much cooler. But one thing I love about Southern California weather is there is always a day in every season that is just perfect; I think I caught one in the photo shown. 

It's January with the weather being in the mid 70's with a nice breeze. I caught this beautiful Sunset right outside our home from the driveway. It is amazing how the colors are so vibrant (I did not enhance any colors in the photo). The palm trees are perfect silhouettes against the pinkish orange clouds. 

I really enjoy having such an amazing view that you can catch more than once in a single week. Some people love the snow, others the humidity but here in So Cal we just have that middle balance of heat and never seems to be to cold. So happy I caught this one just right.

Have any of you caught a glimpse of an amazing sunset on camera? Feel free to share a link in the comments back to your blog or article.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Los Angeles IPA Festival

The Los Angeles IPA Festival is coming this weekend. Are all you hop heads ready? It will be starting November 16th through November 17th at  2141 West Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026, brought to you by Mohawk Bend in Echo Park. Over 60+ IPA's from California Breweries everywhere.

As the craft industry grows, so does the varieties of IPAs. Los Angeles craft beer scene is ever growing with many styles of beer to offer, but IPAs (Indian Pale Ale) is dominating with its hoppy richness. Hops are the key in craft brewing and no one knows that better than the west coast. Hoppy IPAs have become a defining style of West Coast beer, and continue to give us hoppy deliciousness.

There is an ever-expanding line of amazing IPAs offered, and the number of places growing to them. This festival is going to spoil all the craft beer lovers around, featuring over 60+ IPAs and breweries. Each entering their own IPAs in competition, and will be also available to drink at the festival. If you're a craft beer enthusiast, homebrewer, hop head lover, then head down this weekend and get your hop fix.

The Festival
The beer pouring will start at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday while the competitions will be going on throughout the day. Each brewery participating in the IPA competition will enter on Saturday and the results of the winners will be on announced on Sunday. The public can also vote on the beers because they will be also giving "People Choice" award. 

This is the first year for the L.A. IPA Festival and it's expected to have a big turn-out. They offer to make reservations if you don't feel like dealing with all the people surrounding the bar. The bar is open to the festival guests through out the day, but the restaurant will also be taking reservations in the dining room for tables. Due to the high demand, there is an hour and a half limit on each table with a $30 purchase per a person minimum. If you are interested in booking reservations, email Please include your name, phone number, total number of guests, and time you're wanting to reserve. For any delays, or cancellations please call the restaurant at (213) 483-2337 to let them know. They will only hold your reservation no more than 10-minutes past your booked time.

List of Brews Available for Tasting (list is still growing):

  • Alesmith IPA
  • Almanac IPA
  • Angeleno IPA
  • Atticus IPA
  • Big Daddy
  • Camel Corps
  • Death and Glory IPA
  • Delta Force
  • Desperado India Pale Ale
  • Drake's IPA
  • Flying Ace IPA
  • Grand Hill
  • Grape Ape IPA
  • Hop Ottin' IPA
  • Hop Riot
  • Hop Stooped
  • Humulus Speciale
  • Hurricane Deck
  • Indica IPA
  • IPAX
  • Islander
  • Jamacia Sunset
  • Just Outstanding
  • Ladyface IPA
  • Liberty
  • Mango IPA
  • Melrose IPA
  • Merry Taj IPA
  • Mission IPA
  • Organic IPA
  • Pliny the Elder
  • Populist
  • Propulsion
  • Protector
  • Pupil
  • Racer 5
  • Rubicon IPA
  • Sculpin
  • St. Archer IPA
  • Stone IPA
  • Tap It IPA
  • Taps IPA
  • Three Flowers
  • Tongue Tickles
  • Torpedo
  • Union Jack
  • West Coast IPA
  • Wet Hop IPA
  • Wet Hop Dreams 3
  • Wet Hop Harvest IPA
  • Winter IPA
  • Wolf Among Weeds
  • XXV Anniversary Session Ale

Check out the L.A. IPA Festival's website for more details. "Like" them on Facebook to get updated information on all breweries that will be there and brews that will be offered.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Balboa RV Parks – Perfect Destination for RV Camping in Southern California

guest post by Jasmine Ella

With holiday time around the corner, the top priority among travelers is simple, just to relax. The next big step is how to get the most out of those precious days off. Is it best to fill them with a lot of activities? Or is there a benefit of doing nothing? Thinking of camping in southern California for this vacation?

Camping Southern California has a wide variety of climates to offer. Within just a few hours of one location, you can visit the beach, desert, and mountains. This makes the area unlike most parts of the United States.

 Vacations with friends or family play an important role in relieving all of your worries and stress to give a fresh new start. Southern California has a good number of campgrounds that you can go to while vacationing or traveling on business. If you're in the Southern California area and not sure where you should stay on your traveling adventure, then Balboa RV park campgrounds is the one you won't want to miss. RV Camping in Southern California is the perfect choice if you are interested in camping and traveling rather than staying at one location. RV camping in southern California is one of the best ways to connect and bond with your family, as due to hectic work schedules we are not able to spend quality or no time with your family members.

 Located in Los Angeles "City of Angels", Balboa RV park is a great place for RV camping. Even if you are planning to visit other famous spots like Disney, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, and of-course a number of beaches where you might catch a glimpse of a celebrity, the Balboa RV park offers a splendid location. Balboa RV Park is your home away from home offering a warm inviting atmosphere.

 Balboa RV park offers full RV hook ups. We are open around the year and charge no membership fees. On site we have a lounge with free wi-fi, a big screen TV and comfortable seating areas. You can get free tickets to be in the audience of a sitcom, talk show or game show. Even in the off season, you can usually find a pilot or game show taping.

 In an age when children cannot ride their bikes where they want, for fear of traffic, and can't walk to the store by themselves, an RV campground can be a fun and kid-friendly place for them to practice their growing independence. Kids can ride their bikes around the grounds, play on the playground and basketball court, and can also meet other kid-campers. Kids just love RV camping.

Some of the added benefits of RV camping in southern California:
- One of the cheapest and most cost-effective holiday option.
- Inculcates a love for nature in your children.
- Fresh air and exercise that you get with a camping trip is great for your health.

  • Provides additional options like fishing, swimming, canoeing, or biking.

    About the Author:  Jasmine Ella guest author writes about RV camping. Balboarvpark provides pull through spaces, Los Angeles RV Parks, San Fernando Valley RV Parks, Universal Studios, Disney and of course a number of beaches.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hotels, Vacations Rentals, B&B and Hostels

Southern California
Choose which Hotels, Vacations Rentals, B&B and/ or Hostels you are interested in to get more information.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Breakfast RoomHoliday Inn Express & Suites
Southern California, California Hotels & Resorts
California Accommodation: Hotels & Resorts
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Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B actionRomantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B
Temecula, California Bed & Breakfasts
Vindemia B & B is located at the rose garden vineyard were we meet all California Dreamin' balloon ride passengers. Quiet European style with vineyards all around in the heart of the Temecula Valley wine country. You can only experience this here. 

Starting at US $195 Per Night
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Orange Drive Hostel Orange Drive Hostel
Hollywood, California Youth Hostels
BEST LOCATION IN HOLLYWOOD!! 2 minute walk to all attractions, Universal Studios, Sunset strip,Chinese Theater, shopping, transportation, clubs, restaurants. Private rooms avail. WYFI & internet access; Free movies; Discounts on all tours; Lockers
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Hot Air Balloon Rides

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A Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure A 'Grape' Escape flight over vineyardsA Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure
Temecula, California Ballooning
Sunrise hot air balloon rides over So California's Wine Country in Temecula, CA. Includes champagne, orange juice, souvenir certificate of flight, casual muffins, danish & fruit
Starting at US $125 Per Person

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A Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure Wine country flight over grape vinesA Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure Newly engaged happy coupleA Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure Ballooning in Temecula is popularA Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure Balloons over Lake SkinnerA Grape Escape Hot Air Balloon Adventure In the balloon basket

 Temecula, California Ballooning | California Ballooning | California Vacations | Temecula, California
Ballooning | Ballooning California

Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B action Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B&B
Temecula, California Bed & Breakfasts
Vindemia B & B is located at the rose garden vineyard were we meet all California Dreamin' balloon ride passengers. Quiet European style with vineyards all around in the heart of the Temecula Valley wine country. You can only experience this here.
Starting at US $195 Per Night

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Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B Photo #2Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B Photo #3Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B Photo #4Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B Photo #5Romantic Balloon Ride Getaway with B & B Photo #6

Temecula, California Bed & Breakfasts | California Bed & Breakfasts | California Vacations | Temecula, California
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Wicks Brewing Company in Riverside, California

Photo Credit: Wicks Brewing Company, Riverside, CA
Wicks Brewing Company is located in Riverside, California. If you are craving to have a handcrafted beer, these guys are going to have something you're going to want to try. As well as serving their own crafted beer, they rotate out their taps to support their local craft breweries. 

Bringing you a variety of tastes you will be sure to love. From a light malty taste of mellow hops, to a Roasted chocolate malt with a hint of coffee; they are all just so delicious! 
Photo Credit: Wicks Brewing Company

The environment is awesome; super-friendly staff/ owner. The decor has a rustic flare to it, using barrels for table bases that are topped with granite, giving you that bar height comfort. They have a wall above the bar that is a chalkboard that lets you know what beers are on tap that week. To make even better they are a family friendly atmosphere and encourage everyone to come on in. During the day hours you can bring your whole family in, including the kids and enjoy a craft beer of your choice.

The menu has a little bit for everyone (even the kids). Appetizers offering pretzel bites, rib tips, hot wings, beer clams infused with their IPA beers, plus salads, sandwiches, wraps and dessert. Plus they even make their own root beer. Just describing this all to you it's making myself a bit hungry.

On Premise Kettles
They offer classes that you can take to make your own beer on their premises with their kettles, but you must register on premises with one of the staff. It is a full hands on experience that gives you the knowledge of what it takes to be a brewer. They have a brew master on site helping you through all the steps. The classes start at $225+ (price goes up as you add more hops and/ or ingredients) for four (4) people and you choose to either bottle or keg your beer. 
Recipe Example

Before you start brewing they have a recipe book that you choose from that will have what you want in your beer. There is an example to your right of one of the recipes they offer.

If you are just wanting to grab some beer for home, grab a growler. They recently started selling growlers that you can purchase and fill at their brewery to take home and enjoy. After you have finished your growler, just clean it and take to the brewery again and fill it with another beer of your choice. 

If you are ever in the Inland Empire and looking for a good craft beer, stop by Wicks Brewing Co. and grab a growler and some pretzel bites. If you have the time to take the class, register right away and  brew your own beer that you get to take home and enjoy. 

About the Author:  Jeff Johnson is a craft beer enthusiast creating recipes with his partners and making homemade brews. Inspired by the science of brewing he is pursuing a brew master title.

Feel free to leave comments about your experience at Wicks Brewing Company in the comments below.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival

Photo Credit: Mitchell Sussman
Annually each February, the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival is one of the biggest events of the year in the California desert that consists of Palm Spring and its neighboring desert resort communities.

This annual event, which takes places in the city of Indio, has much to offer the entire family. Fantastic food, exhibits, carnival rides, a midway, an arcade, camel races and exciting live entertainment. It's a ten - day event filled with fabulous fun.
Located in the California desert, approximately 130 miles east from Los Angeles; Indio is one of the largest commercial date-producing area in the western hemisphere.
It wasn't until the early 1900's that dates became a known commodity in the California desert. Originally brought over brought over and transplanted in the California desert from the middle east, by the early 1920's there were sufficient dates planted that date gardens became a significant Coachella Valley tourist attraction.

As a result of the popularity of the date gardens the idea of an annual Date Festival was conceived. The first festival was held in 1921 in Indio's city park. The following year a second Festival was held. Unfortunately, attendance at the second festival was lacking and interest in putting on a festival abated.

It wasn't until 16 years later that the third Date Festival was held this time under the name of Riverside County Fair and the Coachella Valley Date Festival. The festival was at that time run by the city of Indio under contract from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.
The third attempt at an annual festival was a success, with almost 100 exhibition booths and attendance in excess of 5,000. The third festival took on a western themes complete with cowboy hats, and rodeo events. Also held that year was a street parade which has since become a National Date Festival staple.

In the early 40's Riverside County bought some 40 acres of land in Indio which is the site of the present fairgrounds. Today as a result of additional land purchases by the county, including the purchase of a neighboring date grove, the fairgrounds cover about 120 acres.
After WWII the county constructed a series of Arabian themed buildings on the site. As a result of the Arabian theme of the surrounding structures the event took on an Arabic theme, complete with an Arabian nights pageant and Queen Scheherazade contest.
Today the event is visited by 70,000 people annually. Some of the special attractions and events that comprise the ten - day event include Camel and Ostrich Races, the Queen Scheherazade Scholarship Pageant, Bull-O-Rama, The Presidents' Day Grand Parade, the Motorsports Monster Trucks, WGAS Demolition Derby, Daily Petting Zoo, World Power Wrestling and carnival rides, games and fair food. There is also nightly headline entertainment making the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival a must see on your next vacation to Palm Springs and the California desert resort communities.
Mitchell Sussman has been a television producer for the past twenty five years. In that time he has produced adventure travel programming for such networks as Travel Channel, PBS, Fox Sports Net, Star TV and many others.

About the Author: Mitchell is also a contributing editor to a website that provides information about and is a portal to hotels, golf, attractions, restaurants and events in Palm Springs and the California desert resort cities

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